About us

As the name speaks itself, NEWS KABILA, means the family or group of news. We’ll bring you the latest bunch of news of every beat. News Kabila is the user-friendly news aggregator that smartly fetches news from all the partnered news websites and bloggers. We assure you that the content we will bring on your fingertips will be the latest and will be based upon your behavior. This app brings news from Regional to Religion that means you will see content from various beasts like Nation, World, Business, Science, Technology, Regional, Health and Viral News etc.
NEWS KABILA Application smart algorithm will never let miss even a single piece of important news that we think falls under your interest. This app is also coming up with local touch, which means every regional news will be on your fingertips.
Being a news aggregator it’s our prime responsibility to filter out every content which is not user friendly, negatively impacts user emotion, spreads hate speech and nudity.
All the publishers listed under the NEWS KABILA application are verified and go through various content, quality and technical tests, so that our app can deliver the best user experience.